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The world's cheapest hourly cloud GPUs, pro-rated to the microsecond. Available in dozens of locations worldwide. From GeForce 3060s to A100s, we have you covered. Contact support if you encounter any issues — we're here to help!

You can also become a host to monetize your own servers.

2. Customize GPU count

3. Customize RAM amount

4. Customize vCPU count

5. Customize storage

6. Select a location

Our available servers


Alternative in-stock GPUs

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8. Configure details

Network-based servers cannot configure port forwards or deploy as an interruptible instance.

At least 8 characters long and contains at least 1 uppercase letter, symbol, or number. If you've set an SSH public key in your organization settings, leave this field blank to use SSH authentication. You can set an SSH public key here.

Configure port forwards

You may forward up to 0 ports. The external port is where requests will enter; the internal port is where you set the requests to be forwarded to. Please remember to include an SSH port (a port forwarded to port 22) or an RDP port (a port forwarded to port 3389) so that you will be able to access your instance once created.

External port

Internal port

Interruptible instance (documentation)

Your Server

Pricing details will appear once you select a

Your actual charge will be pro-rated to the









Running Cost


Cost per hour when the VM is running.

Stopped Cost


Cost per hour when the VM is stopped.

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