Deploy a new managed container Beta

Let us handle the orchestration of your containerized applications on our globally-distributed cloud infrastructure.

We continuously monitor your deployment, scale replicas up/down with usage, and load balance HTTP requests so that you can focus on developing your app. Contact support if you encounter any issues — we're here to help!

1. Container group details

Choose how your container group will appear on your dashboard. You can change this at any time.

Choose the permanent ID of this container group. This will be used to identify the container on each virtual machine.

2. Image source

The name of the container image to deploy.

Choose between a public or private registry.

Choose between basic auth or Google container registry.

3. Virtual machine settings

Set the maximum hourly rate per GPU that you are willing to pay.

Rank each GPU type in order of preference. You can choose as many as you like.

4. Minimum running replicas

You can scale the amount of runnning replicas at any time.

5. Number of GPUs per container

GPU count is set per replica.

6. Minimum GB of RAM per container

7. Minimum vCPUs per container

8. Minimum GB of NVMe SSD per container

9. Container configuration

Enter the port number exposed by your Docker instance.

Volumes (optional)

Enter the volumes that your Docker instance should use.

Environment variables (optional)

Enter environment variables to be passed to your Docker instance.

Arguments (optional)

Enter arguments to be passed to your Docker instance.

Your Container

Pricing details vary depending on the hostnodes
your container is deployed on.

Your actual charge will be pro-rated to the









Running Cost


Cost per hour when the VM is running.

Stopped Cost


Cost per hour when the VM is stopped.

Email us at [email protected] if you will be
spending over $10k/month and are interested in
a long term contract. Save up to 60% when you
prepay on a long term commitment.

You need additional funds to deploy a VM.
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